Welcome to the future home of EnerSanctum, a Web site and holistic health/mentoring presence for those who want to live with divine energy and radiant health.

EnerSanctum is a new innovation in energy and cognitive therapies, utilizing both cutting-edge and ancient techniques for wellness, fulfillment, addiction treatment, behavior modification, and spiritual growth.  Today we face a world filled with violence, disease, pollution and myriad other physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual stressors.  EnerSanctum wants to help everyone affected by these stressors to find their own "inner sanctum" - a sacred place within themselves where they can touch God and find sanctuary.  In doing so, we hope to help people discover personal peace, which will eventually help spread peace throughout the world.  Scriptures speak of the "kingdom of heaven" being within us.  EnerSanctum wants to show you how to find it - and live by its principles today!

God has designed the human mind and body to have extraordinary capabilities.  Scriptures speak of amazing feats and promises, yet many people suffer without any real victory, prosperity, or health.  Modern medicine and lifestyle choices often fall short, or even contribute to our problems.  EnerSanctum wants to be the bridge to "supernatural" health and victory, bringing together the best of ancient wisdoms, leading technologies, groundbreaking sciences, and powerful spiritual principles.  We are working with leaders and developers in many fields to formulate a dynamic system integrating the best of the healing modalities and spiritual practices to help you live more fully in every way - to have life, and have it more abundantly!

Working in conjunction with UP!Postle Ministries, we want to offer many of these services and resources at reduced cost to those who qualify, and eventually we want to work in crisis prevention and recovery in communities and families devastated by war, conflict, poverty, disease, and other afflictions.  We also want to utilize this non-profit affiliation to recruit, organize, and train volunteers and workers who can use our EnerSanctum techniques to help their own families and communities around the world.

When EnerSanctum officially launches later this year, we will offer one-on-one life-coaching and counseling, addiction treatment, alternative and holistic therapies, as well as public seminars, meetings, classes, training groups, discussion forums, and publications.  Check back soon to find out what exciting things EnerSanctum will bring!

Update: Keep an eye out for the EnerSanctum Podcast on iTunes!  We've already recorded a few episodes with great guests and powerful hypnosis sessions.  Check back in March to subscribe for free!

Looking for UP!Postle ministries?  Click here for the UPM site.